2020-05-06 16:47

Does the electric fireplace consume electricity?

Electric fireplace can be divided into simulation flame electric fireplace and 3D atomization electric fireplace. Today we share simulation flame fireplace.
As for the wood burning fireplace, the electric fireplace does not need occupation, chimney and ash clearing. It can not only reduce the cost of application, but also bring the appreciation result similar to the wood burning fireplace, and enjoy the harmony and comfort brought by the electric fireplace safely and easily.
The application and placement of the electric fireplace is also very simple. There is no need to prepare for a part-time job, but only to master the reservation according to the placement size of the fireplace, and the fireplace can be connected to the power supply.
There is no temperature in the appearance of the electric fireplace. It's very safe for children and old people, so it's liked by many users!

What is the power of the electric fireplace as an electrical appliance? Does it cost electricity? To inquire about this question, let's first inquire about the layout of the electric fireplace. Electric fireplace is composed of shell, fire surface, simulated wood, clear board, light belt, motor, reflective board, etc. If the electric fireplace with heating effect is added, it is also equipped with components such as fever body breeze machine! So the power of electric fireplace and whether it consumes electricity depends on the above several power consuming parts! Take a typical 1-meter electric fireplace size as an example. If there is no heating effect, its power is about 12W. It will be applied for 24 hours in succession and about 1 kilowatt hour! If your fireplace has heating effect, the fireplace heating has two adjustable gears, 750W and 1500W can be adjusted. Take the electric fireplace with a length of 1 meter as an example. When the electric fireplace is turned on with 1500W power, it needs about 1.5 kwh per hour, which is less than a dollar!


So electric fireplace is a relatively small energy consumption equipment, do not need to think about the follow-up application of the original! The protection of electric fireplace electric fireplace usually almost does not need protection, only needs to wipe the appearance of dust when it is usually clean. Clean the dust deposited at the air outlet, and apply the cleaning equipment with soft brush! Note: when it is clean, the fireplace needs to be in a state of power failure!

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